Be Part of the Art

Theatre is live and immediate so why not be part of it? Audience members sharing aSpent 14 moment in time is what separates theatre from all other art forms and Crack Theatre Festival artists are taking advantage of that element.

This year we have plenty of shows that take you out of your seat to become part of the art. No time for passive audience members with these shows. Pick up your pens, warm up your voice and stretch your legs. Here’s how you can participate in Crack and have your fifteen seconds in the limelight.

Three Wishes
Takes you out onto the streets of Newcastle where participants will have headphones that manipulate the world around them.

Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow
End of the world prep workshop with award winning artist Sabrina D’Angelo as she guides us through our impending doom.

Evolutionary Straitjacket: Climate Change Karaoke 
Karaoke with a cause as participants sing karaoke songs while dressed in animal costumes. Certain to be memorable.

Project ’84
An Orwellian dystopia is realised by using participants very own mobile phones. A clever combination of tech and storytelling.

On Trend Travel
Personalised holiday experiences for you as designed by our experts. For anyone who feels like they could use an upgrade.

Frankensteined Monologues
Contribute writing to the beast that is the Frankensteined monologues. Everyone  is welcome to add their mark and create a monster.

sincerely yours
Part art installation/part performance. Read a collection of love letters and even contribute your own to be part of the show.

Choose the order in which the ten scenes of this piece play out from heartbreak to romance to break-up to breaking up again.

Side A/Side B
An audio installation for two people to experience simultaneously. Take an audio journey together.

This is a participatory art experiment where drawing becomes tactile and hands on between you and the artist.

Is This Your Life
This is an interactive installation/performance experience. A reflective experience of time and identity.

Gail Force Wins!!!
A late night game show that asks all the important questions like are you feeling lucky?

Eucapocalypts Now
Performance poetry with audience interaction and discussion. Promises to be eye-opening.


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