Friday 3rd October 5:15pm The Crack House
Saturday 4th October 8:15pm The Crack House

A continuum of harvest. Salty. Salt. Heralding Salt. Need. Salt.

Created and performed by Alexandra Andrews and Brianna Kell.

Alex Andrews graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts as the 2010 Valedictorian. Since then, Alex has performed professionally with Tasdance, and with Lina Limosani throughout Australia and Europe. Most recently, Alex with collaborator Brianna Kell won ‘Most Outstanding Choreography’ for their work ‘Salt’ at the Sydney Short+Sweet Dance festival 2014.

Brianna Kell: Graduating from the Victorian College of Arts in 2010, Brianna was awarded the Orloff Family Trust Award. Since then Brianna has been working professionally with Tasdance, DirtyFeet, and in collaboration with DanceNorth. Brianna has worked in Accessible Arts as a workshop director and co choreographed Alter as part of Tasdance 2014 Education season.


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