Wings of Wax

Presented by Luna Mrozik Gawler in conjunction with Upstart Theatre Company.

Where When
Crack House October 5th, 1.00pm – 3.00pm
Crack House October 6th, 3.00pm – 5.00pm

Step behind the curtain, choose your cards and prepare to walk the labyrinth of a mind unbalanced. Here lie the tales of secrets, seductions and sorrows that pave the unpredictable path through mental illness.

Want to know more? Get INSIDE CRACK with Wings of Wax.

Lunabella Mrozik Gawler is a filmmaker, writer, animator, puppeteer, designer and clown who enjoys reveling in the architecture of imagination and occasionally binging on fairy floss. Currently completing a puppetry internship at Spare Parts Puppet theatre in Fremantle WA., performing in the recent Fremantle Festival with the company in Point Of View. She is deeply passionate about exploring the boundaries of theatre through immersive environments, and is currently developing a practice that that draws on her training in broad a range of artistic disciplines to create immersive, theatrical experiences.


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