Make The Call

Presented by Zin

Where When
Crack House 12.00 – 4.00pm

A one on one performance conducted by zin over the telephone. It’s gonna go off. Anonymously.

Want to know more? Get INSIDE CRACK with Make the Call.

zin is an artist partnership between Harriet Gillies and Roslyn Helper that creates live art. zin’s work focuses on the power of experience combining immersive, visceral and hybrid-art elements. zin’s work is a party where imagination, trust, adrenalin and fun interact and collide. zin believes the audience is paramount in the conception and creation of all work. Roslyn and Harriet’s collaboration began at university and continued to develop through their postgraduate studies at Tisch and NIDA respectfully. zin evolved as a formal reincarnation of The [Puppy Eating His Birthday Steak] Players. Players. This year zin are developing and presenting work at venues across the country including Oxford Arts Factory (NSW), Theatre Works (VIC), Metro Arts (QLD), and Darwin Entertainment Centre (NT). zin are also recipients of the Australia Councilʼs JUMP mentoring program for 2013.


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