Day 4: 2013


[Masterclass] tbc 10am – noon Crack House
In Summary: Romance – Friends with Deficits 1pm – 2pm Crack House
[Panel] ‘Tell it to the Borgeoise’ 2pm – 3pm Crack House
PANIC – Open Cage Ensemble with Tantrum Youth Theatre 2pm – 2.45pm 48 Watt St
Beaches Love Power – Nikki Kennedy & Erica Brennan 3pm – 4pm Crack House
[Panel] ‘45%’ 3pm – 4.30pm Crack House
The Mayfly Project – Nathan Harrison and Jake Pember 4pm – 5pm Crack House
The Set – Corrugated Iron Youth Arts 4pm – 4.20pm 202 King St
Crack on Crack – FESTIVAL FREE FOR ALL! 5pm – 6pm Crack House
Applespiel Presents A Theatrical Primer 6pm – 6.15pm Crack House
Unfinished Business – No Show 6.30pm – 7.30pm Crack House
After Party! 7.30pm – onwards Crack House

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